Assessor Training (3 days)

Assessor is one of the profession as well as doctors, lawyers, where the profession can be carried by a person who has the competence to carry out the assessment / assessment of competence. The role of an assessor is very important in determining whether a person is already competent or not.

Assessor Training based on "Class Meeting" is learning assessment methodology in which participants will be guided by the Master assessors assigned by BNSP (National Professional Certification Board) during the training takes place, for the place and date specified by management implementation Solo Technopark, the training time is for 3 days 3 nights.


Implementation of competency assessor training aims to:

  1. Print assessors that meet the standards of competence BSNP
  2. Improving the quality of instructors and / or testing of competence, especially in the field of computer competence. So that participants when entering the workforce gain recognition for the quality of competence which is owned
  3. Increase the number of assessors in order to increase the amount of power resources competent assessors appropriate expertise
  4. Improve productivity and quality of labor through the standardization work of competence with the competency test
  5. Provide service to workers or prospective workers who want a competency test. Where the increase of assessors in the area of labor makes it easier to gain access to the test by a competent assessor anyway.
  6. Enhance the positive image of labor through competency certification


Competency assessor training is intended for:

  1. Lecturer College
  2. Education and Training Institute Instructor
  3. Teacher of Junior / High School / Vocational, especially holding the IT teaching
  4. Students or alumni of universities which have mastery of skills in the field of computer
  5. Employment or Business Practitioner Company environment


  1. General
  1. Have a minimum education level D3 at vocational level of Informatics, Information Management, Computer Science and Information Systems. Or have experience in the IT field at least 1 year
  2. Of at least 23 years old at the time of registration
  3. Healthy Physical and Mental
  4. Gender: Male / Female
  1. Khusus
    For candidates who will take the technical competence in the field of mid-level competencies required to fill up the / create a portfolio of experience accompanied with proof of valid / original (copies are allowed).


Competency assessor training activities will be held on:

Place : Solo Technopark
Address : Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Pedaringan, Jebres, Surakarta, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia
Schedule : (please contact us for more info)
Time : (please contact us for more info)


(please contact us for more info)

* Fees including:

  • The cost of accommodation during training 3 days and 3 nights, 1 room = 2
  • Consumption costs during training
  • Cost Competency Assessor Test (assessment methodology)
  • Competency Test Cost
  • Certificate Training
  • Assessor Certificate of Competency (if passed Test Assessor)
  • Certificate of Competence corresponding cluster field tested (if passed Solo Technopark Competency Test)
  • Training Materials: hardcopy and softcopy
  • Determination of assessors and get Determination Letter from Solo Techno Park
  • Become a member HAPTI (Association of Indonesian Telematics Assessor and Trainer)

*Fees not including:

  • Transportation cost to and from the place of training for implementation:
  1. Training
  • Personal expenses (if staying), such as:
  1. Laundry
  2. Telephone billing
  3. Additional accommodation and the extra consumption of which has been set

Equipment that must be taken during the training are:

  1. Letter duty of each agency
  2. Notebook / Laptop which have facilities WIFI (Wireless network connection is installed properly and ready for use)
  3. Color photographs 3x4 size, 4 pieces
  4. Copy of Certificate - other supporting certificates (which already owned) as supporting the scope of the unit to be taken, and used in the assessment process
  5. Bring a book support (reference) for the manufacture of IUK & MUK as one of the requisites for Competency Assessor

For further information, please contact Customer Service Solo Technopark through the Contacts menu or phone number (+62) 271 666 628. You can also come directly to the office Solo Technopark.


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