Certification Program

Program Sertifikasi Guru, Uji Kompetensi Siswa, Profesional (Industri)Certification Program is a series of activities carried out in order to determine the competence of technical personnel in accordance with the qualification and classification petition filing. National and international labor market requires the availability of a competent workforce in each field, many industries and organizations that require their employees to have a credible certification of competence.

In many countries, there is also the government requires that workers who want to work should have the competence certification issued by a recognized authority legitimate institutions.

Job competence is the specification of the attitude of knowledge and skills or expertise as well as their effective implementation in accordance with the standard of work required work.

Certification is the process of certification of competence competence conducted systematically and objectively through competency test which refers to the work competency standards both nationally and internationally. With a certified expert competence, then someone will get a written confession evidence of competence under their control.

How Competency Test Performed?

Professional certification conducted by Solo Technopark transparent manner, and is open to be followed by all workers without discrimination. the entire industry will be served with excellent quality assurance.

Solo Techno Park implement Competency Test to find any evidence of a valid, current / recent / current as well as authentic as basic competency test whether participants already competent or not yet competent.

With Competency Test by Solo Technopark proved whether a person has or has not been qualified as a competent expert.

Solo Techno Park Principles in the competency test are:

  • Validity
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Fairness
  • Effectivity
  • Effciency

Participants competency test is sent / appointed by the company or individual registering.

Experts who pass the competency test is labor that has the educational background, training and work experience relevant to the standards of competence and proven to function properly and useful.

Ownership Benefits of Competency Certification

  • For the Company
    1. Facilitate the recruitment and selection of personnel
    2. Facilitate the placement and assignment
    3. Facilitate the setting of remuneration and compensation
    4. Facilitate career development and training settings
    5. Increasing productivity
    6. Improve safety in the workplace
  • For the Workers
    1. Increasing mobility and competitiveness
    2. Increasing recognition of the competence
    3. Improving career prospects
    4. Increasing personal safety of labor
    5. Increase confidence and pride
  • For the Government and Society
    1. Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the labor market
    2. Improving the competitiveness of labor in the global labor market
    3. Improving quality and productivity of the company
    4. Improving the protection and welfare of workers
    5. Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of training
    6. Encourage national and regional economic growth
    7. Lowering the unemployment rate

Certificate of Competence Validity

  • Competency certification is a proof of a written acknowledgment by the top experts mastery of competencies as a particular field. Competence Certificate validity period is 3 years.

  • Expert Certificate holders must fill Log Book that contains the position and the duties and responsibilities once a year, submitted to Solo Technopark will be used as the basis for evaluating whether the certification holders still work as experts. If the validity period has expired, the certification can be used as a reference Logbook extension of the certificate or if Logbook is not qualified, it can be re-certification or re competency test is not extended.

  • Standard format and content of Competency Certification Solo Techno Park following codification and confidentiality that are not easily faked pursuant BNSP (National Professional Certification Board).

  • Solo Technopark Certification holders must maintain a certificate and in case of damage / loss report to Solo Technopark to request a copy.

  • Solo Technopark Competency Certification holders are required to develop and maintain competence wherever he worked.

  • Guarantee of competence can be used by the company in terms of recruitment, career development pattern, and a material consideration in employment.

Certification Program Category

Solo Technopark opens a certification program by category, as follows:

  1. Teacher Certification Program

    Teacher certification is the process of granting certificates to the teacher educators. Teaching certificate awarded to teachers who have met the professional standards of teachers. Professional teacher is a necessary condition for creating systems and practices of quality education.

  2. Competency Test for Students

    Productive practice competency test for students / learners Vocational School (SMK) is the implementation of a competency-based assessment to obtain recognition of his ability, and an opportunity to showcase the ability of its control and promotion of work in front of the testers from the business / industrial world, the experts in the field as well as professional associations.

  3. Professional Certification Program (Industry / Company)

    Professional certification is used to indicate a person's ability or qualifications based on attributes or criteria set by an organization / agency or institution development (usually already accredited).



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