Teacher Certification Program

Program Sertifikasi GuruWhat is a certified teacher? Teacher certification is the process of granting certificates to the teacher educators. Teaching certificate awarded to teachers who have met the professional standards of teachers. Professional teacher is a necessary condition for creating systems and practices of quality education. What is a teaching certificate? Educator certificate is a certificate signed by the certification of the college as a formal proof of teacher professionalism recognition given to teachers as professionals.

In Law term, Teachers and Lecturers are called educator certificate. Educators in question here is a teacher and lecturer. The certification process for teacher educators called teacher certification, and for faculty lecturers called certification.

Teacher certification aims to determine the feasibility of carrying out duties as a teacher in the learning agent and realize the goal of national education, improve the process and quality of education, promoting the dignity of teachers, improving the professionalism of teachers.

The benefits of certification can be defined as follows:

  1. Protect the profession of teacher from incompetent practices, which can damage the teaching profession
  2. Protect the public from educational practices that are not qualified and not professional
  3. Improve the welfare of teachers

Teaching is a profession like any other profession, including doctors, accountants, lawyers, so the process of proving the necessary professionalism. Someone who will be the accountant should follow the accounting profession education first. Similarly, for other professions, including teaching profession.

Sertifikasi Guru PendidikThe main basic certification is Law No. 14 Year 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers (UUGD) which was passed on December 30, 2005. Article has revealed is Article 8, the teacher must have academic qualifications, competence, educator certificate, physically and mentally healthy, and have the ability to achieve national education goals. Other article is Article 11, paragraph (1) states that the educator's certificate, as in Article 8 is given to teachers who have met the requirements. Other legal basis is Act Number 20 of 2003 on the National Education System, and the National Education Minister Regulation Number 18 Year 2007 on Certification For Teachers In Position set on May 4, 2007.

Certification is a means or an instrument to achieve a goal, not the goal itself. There needs to be awareness and understanding of all parties that the certification is a means of getting quality. Awareness and understanding of this would be the right activity, that whatever is done is to achieve quality. If a teacher re-entering the campus to improve the qualifications, then relearn aims to gain additional knowledge and skills, thus obtaining a diploma S-1. Diploma S-1 is not a goal to be achieved by all means, including the way that is not true, but the consequences of've learned and have gained additional knowledge and new skills.

Similarly, if the teacher follows the certification, the main goal is not to get professional allowance, but to be able to show that the party concerned has had the competence required in teacher competency standards. Professional allowance is a logical consequence that accompanies the ability in question. By realizing this, the teacher will not find another way to earn a professional certificate unless prepare by learning the right to face the certification. Based on this, the certification will have a positive impact, namely increasing the quality of teachers.

As stipulated by Law Number 14 Year 2005, the certification will continue to be implemented until the Act does not mandate the implementation of teacher certification.

Teacher Certification Program Information

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