Basic Aircraft Structure Training

Basic Aircraft Structure Training is a program of education and training in collaboration between Solo Tecnopark with PT Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) Aero Asia. Training held for nine (9) months, with the division schedules, education and training for 6 months performed in Solo Technopark and the next 3 months housed in GMF Aero Asia.

Education and training is a form of agreement between the City Government (Government) Surakarta and GMF Aero Asia, for the supply of competent technicians, skilled, and competent for aircraft maintenance. Along with the growth of the aircraft maintenance industry continues to increase, so this becomes a great opportunity for GMF Aero Asia to develop the aircraft maintenance industry.


Training Schedule

  • Training conducted for 9 months (1174 hours)
  • 6 months held in Solo Techno Park with instructors from GMF Aero Asia
  • 3 months held in GMF Aero Asia, Jakarta

General Requirements

  1. Graduates at least high school or vocational school majoring in science majoring in Electrical Engineering, Electrical, Mechanical, Automotive
  2. Men aged up to 21 years
  3. Healthy physical / spiritual, and not color blind
  4. Minimum height 160 cm and ideal weight
  5. Technical requirements: The average value UAN (National Exam) in each subject at least 7
  6. Letters SKCK (Police Notes) of the National Police

Registration and Selection

Each candidate will be through several stages, as follows:

  1. Registration
  2. Psychotest and TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)
  3. Medical Check up Test
  4. Medical Check up Test Result Announcement
  5. Interview Test
  6. Interview Test Result Announcement
  7. Registration
  8. Start for Training

For schedule, registration date, and the cost of training, please Contact Us for more information.



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