Business and Technology Incubator

Pusat inkubator Bisnis dan TeknologiBusiness and Technology Incubator (INBISTEK) in Solo Technopark is designed to be a multipurpose incubator. The purpose of INBISTEK is to develop technology-based entrepreneurial spirit (techno) college graduates, young people, and other growing new businesses from new business creation and use of research development and protoype of training institutions and universities in the region Surakarta.

Business Strategy

A business incubation strategy would be appropriate, if the incubation program has a differentiation in the maturity stage for the participants incubator.

Solo Technopark business incubation program using differentiation strategy requires 3 phase incubation programs include:

  1. Seed Incubator
    At this stage, the participants led to the idea that there are problems out there.

  2. Start Up
    This stage ideas into products and institutions include the structure and the legal entity will be applied.

  3. After Care Programe
    This phase will be accompanied by new business for the company to grow and thrive.


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