Field Industrial Practice

Praktek Kerja IndustriPRAKERIN (Field Industrial Work Practices) is an education which the training and learning are carried out in the world of business or industry that is relevant to the competence (ability) of students according to their field. In the implementation is done with certain procedures, for students who are aiming for an internship somewhere workplace, both the corporate world and in the industrialized world at least already have basic skills for the field that they do.

The main reason why the students should have the provision of basic science according to the field so that the implementation of the Job Training Industry did not experience significant barriers in the implementation of basic studies that are likely in the process of industrial work practices gain new knowledge that is not taught in the Vocational Institution related.

The objectives of PRAKERIN are:

  • Implementing the material obtained at school
  • Form a constructive mindset mindset for PRAKERIN students
  • Train students to communicate / interact professionally in the real world of work
  • Establish a good work ethic for PRAKERIN students
  • Adding and develop basic science possessed by PRAKERIN students to fit their respective fields
  • Adding types of skills possessed by students in order to develop and implement in everyday life
  • Establish good cooperation between the school and industry and the business community

The obligations of students in a PRAKERIN are:

  • Perform basic tasks and functions that have been agreed
  • Comply with any instruction in the workplace
  • Implement K3 (Health and Safety)
  • Keep the good name of the Institute of Education (almamater), the World Business and Industry
  • Doing Observation and Research which is positive objective
  • Ask to the competent authorities if there is something that does not understand / well understood

In the process of obtaining PRAKERIN, students must follow the procedures set out by the agency, the Industry and Business. Each agency, World Industries and Businesses of course have different procedures depending on the circumstances of each World Industries and Businesses related.


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