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Mekanik ManufakturThe manufacturing industry is a process that is part of the branch of industry that uses modern equipment such as industrial machinery, regular programs and scalable management to transform raw materials into finished goods and worth selling. The stages in the manufacturing industry requires a process to produce and integration of various components used.

Manufacturing industry is more intended for a company that is relatively modern, in which there has been through the stages of complex procedures, the integration of the component with the other and produce the number of giant and is intended for commercialization.

Some industries such as steel, have used the term fabrication. Where in the manufacturing sector is very closely related to engineering techniques and developments.

Industry Definition

Industry can be defined as a particular business centers tend to have the same methods and ways to generate income. For example, the automotive industry, the palm oil industry, the aircraft industry, and so on.

Judging from the historical aspect of the industry, said the industry is a keyword that is used in the industrial revolution in Europe and North America that have implications for the end of the era of feudalism and mercantilism and replaced by appropriate technology by using modern machinery. Powerful countries in the industry and then develop into a capitalist economic system. As in Indonesia, the industry term is often implicated in terms of fabrication.

Understanding Manufacturing

While manufacturing, as already discussed above are more inclined to study the particulars of products manufacturing and design process of manufacture and the entry into the production system is going through.

Manufacturing techniques that exist in the various faculties in universities is each has its own uniqueness so that it is difficult to bring together the threads. However, it turns out there are parts where the manufacturing technique between one another alma mater can "see" and interwoven relationships.

If discuss the manufacturing technique even further, will be taken in connection with manufacturing products. What is meant by manufacturing products that manufacture goods in procession through the stages as the manufacturing process is executed. So that the goods are so close to our life as a watch, stapler, pencil, etc. will not be easily found all around us if without going through the stages of manufacturing. It is true that some of the objects or goods consist of a single component, but there are other objects like pesaawt fly, the US, cars, etc. teruat of a combination of several components that make it up.

Well, all of these components to eventually form a desired object as the author will go through the stages of manufacturing. And these stages will generate secaar mass production because the goal is to sell and make a profit.

Who Work in Manufacturing

Companies that manufacture products have a wide range of employee positions at every stage of the manufacturing process. Manufacturing jobs ranging from managerial positions for the maintenance of the building. Although each company has its own special needs, some of the work required in the production area may be engineers, technicians, and assemblers.

Many companies have research and development departments or design, sales representative, or other specialized departments. Job may be permanent with benefits, temporary work, contract without benefits, or outsource negotiated differently.

The majority of employees in the manufacturing sector are production workers. People can do the jobs manufacturing assembly-line style or with workers in individual cells or workstation, depending on the type of product and the needs of the company. Generally, entry-level employees make products with the support of other departments, such as technicians, material handlers, and supervisors.

Types of technical staff needed to support the company depends on the manufacturing process. Electronics manufacturers require technicians with different skills from clothing manufacturers. Some technicians work for manufacturing companies including calibration technicians, repair technicians, and qualified technicians.

In small companies, workers can do more than one job and technicians can double as a department supervisor or do other important work.

Supervision is the manufacturing jobs that varies depending on the needs of the company. Often a supervisor or lead is a worker who accepts responsibility for the workers who were assigned to lead.

Technical colleges offer courses for diploma or associate degree in manufacturing oversight. In larger companies, the supervisor does not work on the product, but to concentrate to ensure that production flows smoothly and company goals are met.

Understanding Industry Manufacturing based on Automation

Automated manufacturing is a manufacturing method that relies on the use of computerized control system to run the equipment at the facility where the product is produced.

Human operator is not required on an assembly line or manufacturing floor because the system is capable of handling both mechanical work and scheduling of manufacturing tasks. The development of a fully automated manufacturing system date in the latter half of the 20th century, and the manufacturing techniques used in facilities of all sizes around the world.

Historically, manufacturing is done entirely by hand. It takes a large amount of labor, raising the cost of the final product, as well as workers exposed to considerable danger. During the Industrial Revolution, mechanical manufacturing was introduced.

In mechanical manufacturing, workers operate equipment that perform the labor, not work directly. This reduces costs, improve consistency, and contribute to the development of safety. Automated manufacturing is the next step in the process of purification and modernization of production methods.

In a fully automated facility, there is no man on the floor. Automated equipment do the job, as instructed by the control system. This system utilizes a complex software that can schedule tasks running on the manufacture and diagnostic equipment that appeared to be broken.

The camera is connected to a sophisticated software can be used to monitor the quality of products, the speed of the assembly line, and so on. Humans are involved mainly in the maintenance of equipment and programming of control systems.

Automated equipment can fabricate, assemble, and wrap package products. Some systems even complete product package for shipment with invoices and mailing labels, send the products directly off the line and into the truck for delivery.

The level of automation depends on the product and the company's budget, meaning automated manufacturing is very expensive to be practiced despite save costs in the long run. Consulting firm can help companies to order, install, and customize the automated system for manufacturing applications.

From a security perspective, automated manufacturing is a significant improvement. If people only on the assembly line when it is off to work on the equipment, the risk of work-related injuries decreased dramatically. Managing automated systems also require more training and skills and translated into higher salaries for the workers involved in the maintenance and management of the system.

Automated manufacturing also eliminates human work, however. It has been criticized in areas where employment rates are low and people who would prefer a potential manufacturing jobs will be inbalance in unemployment.

Mechanical Manufacturing Education and Training Program

Solo Techno Park held a training program for students, vocational school teachers, and industry employees. Training participants who passed the training program will acquire industry-standard certificate ATMI Surakarta. Training programs include, among others: Benchwork, Tool Grinding, Turning Basic Skill, Milling Basic Skill, and Welding Basic Skill.


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