Present Condition

Area Management

Macro Region

Managed by SKPD - BAPPEDA of Surakarta City, includes the regional concept, regional development/ infrastructure, the provision of infrastructure, UPTB management, etc.

  • Mayor's Decree Letter Number: 420/03/1/2009 dated January 13, 2009
  • Surakarta City Regulation Number 14 Year 2011 dated December 15, 2011
  • Mayor Regulation Number 15-P Year 2011 dated December 16, 2011

Micro Region

Managed by Work Unit - UPTB of Solo Techno Park as the Regional Technical Institute that carries out some tasks from the SKPD head-office, giving technical service operations in the field of science and technology for the community.

  • Mayor Regulation Number 13 Year 2009 dated August 19, 2009
  • Surakarta City Regulation Number 14 Year 2011 dated December 15, 2011
  • Mayor Regulation Number 15-P Year 2011 dated December 16, 2011

The Current Composition of the HR (Human Resources)

(As a Structural Echelon IV UPTB)
1 person
2 Non PNS 41 people
  1. ATMI Employees: 2 people
  2. UPTB STP Employees: 40 people, came from:
  1. PT Inlastek (Pre UPTB): 1 person
  2. Welding Units (Pre UPTB): 5 people
  3. SCTC Mechanics Unit (Pre UPTB): 14 people
  4. UPTB STP (Post UPTB): 19 people
3 Manpower Outsourcing 20 people
  1. Security personnel: 12 people
  2. Cleaning Service Workers: 8 people
   Total 62 people

Operational Technical Activities

Technical service operations conducted by UPTB Solo Techno Park is adapted to the existing capacity (HR, Facilities, Infrastructure) and financial capabilities.

Technical services activities still focus on Zone 1: Training and Incubation.

While activities for Zone-2: Research & Development (R & D) and Information Technology (IT) and Zone-3: Industry and Trade, has yet to be implemented / being prepared / initiated.

UPTB Solo Techno Park since December 31, 2009 implementing the Financial Management Pattern of Regional Public Service Board (PPK-BLUD).

Zone Activities

Kegiatan Zona Kawasan STP Technopark

Activity Zone 1: Training and Incubation

  1. Industrial Technology Training

In partnership with the Academy of Engineering Machinery Industry (ATMI) Surakarta and Social Department of Manpower and Transmigration (Dinsosnakertrans) of Surakarta City

Partnered with several garment companies

Partnering with PT Inlastek Surakarta

Partnering with PT Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) and the Indonesian Export Financing Agency (LPEI)

Partnering with some of the Indonesian Ministries and PT Inlastek

In Job training partnership with High School students (SMK) in Building Teaching Factory

Competency test for the Teacher / Instructor / Vocational High School Students

  1. Business and Technology Incubator Training

Diklat Inkubator Bisnis dan Teknologi

Activity Zone 2: Research and Development & Information Technology

Research and Development (R & D) activity, can not be executed, before there are any researchers/ experts from universities who are specifically join.

There has been an exploratory from IPTEKnet Board of BPPT, for the future development of the IT zone.

Activity Zone 3: Industry and Trade

  • Industrial Building:
    In the masterplan there are 2 buildings, but not yet built.

    Currently being piloted the Digital Printing industry partnered with Binterjet company and pre-assessment with Konica Minolta Japan for the development of a prototype of Digital Printing machines. There is also the industry pioneer for agricultural equipment, agricultural machinery spare parts industry, IT industry-Analog TV decoder, and so forth.
  • STEC (Solo Trade & Expo Center) Building:
    Building is still in its foundation and structure of the 1st floor.

    For STEC activity will be collaborating with regional work units (SKPD) that are related, among others, the Department of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the Department of Industry and Trade (Industry and Trade), Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), as well as the related ministries.

Technical Services Development type of UPTB Solo Techno Park

Perkembangan Jenis Layanan UPTB Solo Technopark

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Solo Techno Park (STP) area is officially under the management of the local city Government of Surakarta.