Solo Techno Park Master Plan

The following image represents the design of development and construction of Solo Technopark area in the future time, in accordance with the planned program.

Solo Technopark Master Plan

  1. Main Entrance
  2. Park and Sculpture
  3. Main Access Road
  4. Bridge
  5. Main Building (Sky Tower)
  6. Industrial Building
  7. Solo Trade & Expo Center Building
  8. Underwater Wet Welding Pool Building
  9. Research and Development Building
  10. Teaching Factory Building
  11. Science and Tech Demo Center Building
  12. Industrial Building


  • Black label (A, C, D, E,F, K, L), indicates buildings that have not been built yet;
  • Red label (B and G), partially built/ unfinished;
  • Green label (H, I, J): indicates buildings that already have its physical building.

Local Government Regulation number 6/2007 establishes that Solo Techno Park has an area of 7.15 ha (hectare), then in 2013 proposed to increase the area to around 8 to 9 ha.

We hope that along with the implementation of Solo Techno Park area which is developed gradually, several phased program of activities are also needed to balance between the existing building and the program planned before, and also to fully utilize existing facilities or building to be built next, such as:

  • Preparation/ implementation of human resource development (PNS / Non PNS) which handles integrated program of science and technology for the public service
  • Preparation/ implementation of the area management development
  • Preparation/ compilation of Roadmap and the Blueprint of Solo Technopark Activity programs year 2015-2025, based on the latest Vision and Mission.


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Solo Techno Park (STP) area is officially under the management of the local city Government of Surakarta.