Upcoming Condition Expected

Upcoming Condition

When the entire infrastructure development of Solo Technopark area has been finished, it needs to be balanced with the management of institutional capacity building managers.

The existence of a complete and modern facilities in the area of the upcoming Solo Techno Park, will have an assortment of integrated organizations which would be managed by a reliable unified management manager.

The Expected Upcoming Condition

  • In 2015-2025, expected gradually, Solo Technopark area development can be completed in its entirety.
  • Activities in Zone 2: Research & Development and Information Technology; and Zone 3: Industry and Commerce, can be initiated gradually.
  • The Business and Technology Incubator Center, Center for Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation Center SMEs, Library, which are implemented based on the synergy of Academicy, Businessman, Government (ABG) + Community, and involves the related local government offices and related ministries, is expected to be formed soon.
  • The 2 (two) industrial buildings that have been planned according to the master plan is expected to be the top development priority to facilitate industrial development activities that have been started/ will be initiated, among other industrial activities, such as digital printing machines, agricultural equipment, agricultural machinery spare parts, Analog TV decoder industry, etc.
  • In 2014: Has been held a pioneering of Embryonic Science and Technology Demonstration Center (Solo Science Center) in Solo Technopark area.

The Embryos of Science Center/ Demonstration Center for Science and Technology

On August 29, 2013 in Jakarta, UPTB-BAPPEDA of Solo Techno Park representing the local government of Surakarta City, as one of the announcers for Science Center Association of Indonesia (ASCI).

As a follow-up to the Declaration of the ASCI, PP-IPTEK and Ministry of Research and Technology in 2014, will assist the local government of Surakarta city to pioneer the establishment of regional science center in Solo Technopark region and launching regional science center/ Technology Demonstration in Solo Technopark.

The results of the discussion of PP-IPTEK the Ministry of Research and Technology with the Bappeda agency of Surakarta City (26 November 2013), that to establish a science center area, do not have to wait for the completion of the building constructed in the area of science and technology PP-IPTEK Solo Technopark, but can be prefixed with pioneering the "embryo" at first, by utilizing the existing space to put the props of science and technology.

Pioneering the Embryo of Solo Science Center / Center for Science and Technology Demonstration

The assistances from the Ministry of Research and Technology in 2014 in piloting the Science Center embryo of Solo Technopark, are as follows:

  • Giving + 2 clusters (number + 8 units) grant props science
  • Administer giving 2 units of props science from the International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation
  • Science Demonstration Tour (PIK) by the Ministry of Research and Technology in Solo Technopark (imported approximately 60 units of props during the exhibition)
  • Training for the Science Center guide team
  • Science Camp, a scientific competitions involving school students
  • Survey, etc

Other assistance activities undertaken by PP-IPTEK of the Ministry of Research and Technology, such as, pioneering the Smart Park Yogyakarta, Java Park 1, Taman Puspa Sundial Bandung, Regional Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD) Graha Technology Palembang, Regional Science Center in South Kalimantan, etc.


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Solo Techno Park (STP) area is officially under the management of the local city Government of Surakarta.