General Definition

Solo Techno Park (STP) is the integrated area under the management of the Government of Surakarta, which is an integrated area-based science and technology (science and technology), which combines elements of the development of science and technology, industry and business needs of the market and the strengthening of regional competitiveness.

Solo Technopark is also an advocacy center and technological innovation, applied technology research center in Surakarta, which was built from the synergies and strong links between education, business, and government (The Triple Helix Model of Innovation) and the community.

STP provides educational services industry, business incubators, production services and research, development of technology to improve the quality of human resources (HR), increasing the competitiveness and performance of the business and industry, improving regional economic growth, and expand employment through sustainable economic growth .

Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda) of Surakarta
A Work Unit (SKPD) designated by the city of Surakarta Surakarta Mayor Solo Zone of Technopark.

Technical Implementation Unit of Solo Techno Park
A Unit of Work on BAPPEDA Surakarta carry out some tasks parent SKPD's technical and operational duties at Technopark area, in the field of science and technology at the service of society.

History and Background

In 2012 the Government of Surakarta in cooperation with the Polytechnic Institute of Engineering Industrial Engineering (ATMI) Surakarta, Indonesia and support the German Institute (IGI) formed Surakarta Competency and Technology Center (SCTC), an institute of education and training (training) in the field of mechanics to educate youth and teachers of vocational schools (SMK) in improving competence in the field of mechanics.

Within a relatively short SCTC managed to place itself as a high-quality mechanical training center and has contributed to train young people who have not been working, seeking work, as well as realize the establishment of a network of cooperation between the Central Government, Local Government, and complementary industries.

Seeing this success, in 2006 the Government of Surakarta initiative to develop the concept of SCTC become more broad in scope, and add fields of skills that are necessary for the fulfillment of the development of future technologies, namely establishing Solo Technopark.

Solo Techno Park as a unit under the Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda) Surakarta City, formed by Surakarta Mayor Regulation No. 13 of 2009 dated August 19, 2009 About the Organization and Administration of Technical Implementation Unit Solo Technopark of Surakarta. Then based on Decree No. Surakarta Mayor 900/65/1/2009.

December 31, 2009 on the Implementation of Financial Management Pattern of General Services Agency Regional Technical Implementation Unit Solo Technopark in Regional Development Planning Agency of Surakarta. So UPTB Solo Technopark full BLUD status and nature of the business is the social economy and put more emphasis on social services to the community as well as a reference center for technology services.

Macro and Micro Tasks