Vision and Mission Review of UPTB Solo Techno Park

Organizational Vision and Mission Review

The statement of Vision is different from the Mission statement. If the mission statement to answer "What is our business?" The vision statement attempts to answer "What we want to be like?".

Given the concept of Region Solo Techno Park in design as Integrated Science-Area, then in our opinion the Vision and Mission used by UPTB Solo Technopark organization needs to be reviewed, in order to go to the future of Solo Technopark area, as set out in RPJMD 2010-2015 of Surakarta City, as outlined in Vision and Mission.

Vision Review (proposed)

Solo Technopark Vision (2009-present)
"Be the Human Resource development center with international standard and able to become the motor of the economy through innovative activities"

Vision carried by UPTB Solo Techno Park (2015-2025), a review that we propose:
"The realization of Solo Techno Park area as an Integrated Science-Area of Surakarta City, which is able to become the motor of growth in the industry in order to improve the regional economy".

Mission Review (proposed)

Solo Technopark Mission (2009-present) are as follows:
1. Carry out efforts to increase social welfare by improving the competence of human resources and mastery of science and technology;
2. Building a culture of innovative, entrepreneurial spirit and quality conscious to improve the competitiveness of the region;
3. Developing economic potential and increase the attractiveness of the investment.

Mission carried by UPTB Solo Technopark (2015-2025), a review that we propose:
1. Develop the provision of regional facilities;
2. Develop technical services research and development;
3. Develop business networks and entrepreneurship (Networked Business and Entrepreneurship);
4. Improving management of regional development.

Objectives Review (proposed)

The purpose of Solo Techno Park (2009-present), are as follows:
Providing education and training to improve the competency of human resources in the field of industrial technology. Providing services and technological innovation for UKM.

The purpose of UPTB Solo Techno Park (2015-2025), which will be divided into short-term goals, medium and long, we arrange as follows:

  • Synergize the role of higher education (academics), industry / business / financial, and government, in order to utilize science and technology for the advancement of industry / UMKM.
  • Providing education and training to improve the competency of human resources in the field of industrial technology.
  • Facilitate the development of business incubators and technology start-ups and industry.
  • Providing services of Research and Development (R & D) related to the use of science and technology for the advancement of industry / UKM.
  • Providing services of Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Providing services of Information Technology (IT) integrated more efficiently and quickly in the world that combines the industry, universities, research centers and training, entrepreneurship, banking, central and local government.
  • Providing services of Technopreneurship development in industrial / UMKM with technology-based.
  • Providing services of exhibition / expo as a means of promotion and potential business transactions arena.
  • Implement training for human resource development area manager.

UPTB Solo Technopark Strategy (2015-2025)

UPTB Solo Technopark 2015-2025 Strategy (proposed):

  • Develop science and technology infrastructure, which consists of knowledge resources (knowledge resources) of Surakarta city through synergies between universities, government research laboratories / private, libraries, businesses and technology incubators, innovation centers Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM), as well as science for the purposes of Research and Development (R & D) that are environmental friendly,
  • Developing business infrastructure, through partnerships / collaboration with industry associations, chambers of commerce as well as take advantage of special financing opportunities and investment opportunities in the field of science and technology and innovation,
  • Develop physical infrastructure, modern facilities, friendly environment, equipped with an integrated information technology implementation of reliable,
  • Improving the quality of service of science and technology on society and industry, especially in the use of appropriate technology,
  • Actively participate in the Regional Innovation System (SIDA) for the support of the National Innovation System,
  • Building a diverse economic base, including supplier network and extensive distribution in order to support the development of industrial clusters,
  • Improving the quality of human resources, including the availability of skilled labor educated, scientists, technicians, business incubators and technology,
  • Maximum active role and to contribute ideas and implementations in science and technology development to local government / central, Indonesia and the international community,
  • Creating a work environment that encourages the development of expert and integrated area-based management of science and technology.


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