Introduction to Web Programming

Pemrograman WebWeb programming drawn from two syllables, namely programming and web. Programming in English is interpreted programming and processes, how to, or acts program (in Indonesian).

Definition of Web is a computer network that consists of a collection of internet sites that offer text, graphics, sound and animation resources through the hypertext transfer protocol. Many people familiar with the term web WWW (World Wide Web), the World Wide Web is the most popular internet service today internet has become a popular and widely used after the WWW service.

WWW is a web pages which can be interconnected to one another (hyperlink) that form the ocean wilderness of information. WWW goes to the protocol HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Web pages are pure text files (plain text) that contain HTML syntax-syntax that can be opened / viewed / translated by Internet Browser. HTML syntax can contain text content, images, audio, video and animation. Internet is now synonymous with the web, because the web popularity as a standard interface to the services that exist on the Internet, from the beginning as a provider of information, it is used also for communication from email to chat, to conduct business transactions (commerce) (Betha Sidik, ir, web Programming with HTML, Informatics Bandung, 2005).

Many of the benefits provided by the Web-based applications from the desktop-based application, so that the web-based applications has been adopted by the company as part of its information technology strategy, for several reasons:

  • Easy information access
  • Server setup easier
  • Information is distributed
  • Free platform
  • Information can be presented by a web browser on any operating system because of the standard documents of various types of data can be presented

The workings of web programming

Before explaining the workings of web programming, you should know about HTML that HTML is not a programming language but is a markup language (language marking consisting of TAG). HTML only describe that certain parts of a web page is the content that should be displayed by the browser in a certain way.

How does web programming? In a simple web programming is only done by inserting commands between HTML TAG. For example:

<title> Example </title>
echo date ("d / m / Y");

By the time we access the page, the web server directly responds to what we asked to do the parsing process (read the contents of the page line per line) and if it finds the command line programming language then the web server will execute / run the command, and after all the new finish will send it to browser. The example above is a web server sends the results of the execution of the command line echo date ("d / m / Y") in the form of a dynamic date considered as part of the static HTML.

What to do with web programming

  • Web programming allows us to create dynamic web pages with commands are quite simple but can produce a variety of information.
  • Web programming can interact so that the user can obtain information appropriate / relevant such as search, data transmission, etc.
  • Web programming can be connected with various databases / database like mysql, oracle, sql server, etc.

What programming language that can be used for web programming

It could be said almost all programming languages can be used for web programming as long as the programming language can work in a web server and can create HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML. Some popular web programming languages such as: PHP, ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, Perl, ASP classic, Python, and JSP.

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