Software Engineering

Software EngineeringSoftware Engineering is a science or theory working on a software project (software) either create / build a new software or to develop the old software. Many people who can do the encoding software that can truly be called a programmer, but in the process of making the software was done with no systematic resulting software products is weak.

IEEE Computer Society defines software engineering as the application of a systematic approach, disciplined and quantifiable on the development, use and maintenance software, as well as the study of these approaches, namely the application of the above approach to software engineering.

The term software engineering, was first used in the late 1950s and in the early 1960s.

In 1968, NATO held a conference on software engineering in Germany and then continued in 1969. Although the use of said software engineering input to the conference raises a sharp debate about the engineering aspects of software development, many people who consider the conference that was the beginning of the growth of the profession software engineering.

While in Indonesia in Indonesian software engineering disciplines studied used to start the level Vocational High School to College levels. On the vocational level, this department already has its own curriculum subject matter which has been determined by the Department of Education. Software Engineering at vocational level usually studied materials such material Language Programming, Web Design, Knowledge of the Law on Intellectual Property and ITE, and so on, depending on the school and the curriculum each year.

With science RPL then expected a software project can generate a good reliable software product that was done by an individual or in a team. Software Engineering has become one of the areas seriously discussed, both in academics and freelance programmers. College of Computer Science has made this field as one of concentration courses.

Software Engineering has developed into a profession like other professions such as doctors, architects, driver, lecturers and so on. However, the software engineering profession has its own uniqueness which sometimes can be owned by people who are not computer science educational background but sometimes it becomes imperative that the profession of software engineering comes from the person who set the computer science education in particular who took The concentration RPL. The size of the project be assessed whether this profession must originate from software engineering educational background or vice versa.

Curriculum Software Engineering in Indonesia itself is still considered inadequate by the students to make this field as a serious profession. With the curriculum in applied Indonesia, someone who is not educational background in software engineering was able to set up a software house (although only accept / do small projects) with the ability to read a bit of coding and software engineering theory.

The criteria that can be used as a reference in software reverse:

  1. Can continue to be treated and maintained (maintainability)
  2. Can follow the development of technology (dependability)
  3. Can follow the wishes of the user (robust)
  4. Effective and efficient use of energy and its use
  5. Can meet the requirements (usability)

Thus, it can be concluded that the software engineering is the discipline of computer programming based algorithms and mathematical logic.


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