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1. Manager
2. Koordinator Packaging
3. Karyawan Packaging
4. Koordinator QC Line
5. Karyawan QC Line
6. Koordinator Assembly Line
7. Karyawan Assembly Line
8. Administrasi Gudang
9. Angkut

Dengan syarat :
1. KTP Solo Raya (diutamakan Solo)
2. Pria (1-10), wanita (8)
3. Usia Koordinator min. 23 tahun
4. Usia Karyawan 25-30 (3,5,7) tahun dan 30-40 tahun (3)
5. Pendidikan S1 Teknik Elektro/Teknik Mesin/Manajemen (1)
6. Pendidikan S1 Teknik Elektro (4,6)
7. Pendidikan D3 Administrasi/Umum (8)
8. Pendidikan SMK Teknik Elektro (7), SMK sederajat (3,5,9)
9. Mampu mengoperasikan Ms Office & Internet (1,2,4,6,8)
10. Berpengalaman min. 2 tahun ( 1,2,4,6) dan 1 tahun (8)
11. Mampu bekerja dalam tim
12. Mampu berkomunikasi dengan baik
13. Ulet, cekatan, pekerja keras, pantang menyerah, dapat bekerja sesuai target

Lamaran dikirim ke :
Kawasan Solo Technopark
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Kentingan, Jebres, Surakarta 57126

atau pendaftaran Online melalui :


Paling lambat tanggal 14 Juli 2018

The minister to Fund Rp25 Billions for STP

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Kementerian Riset dan TeknologiMinistry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Higher Education Research and Technology) will disburse 25 billion budget for development Solo Techno Park (STP). The budget plan is aimed at the construction of a new laboratory in the STP.

With the support of this government, the expected development of technology can also be targeted at food technology. The Minister Mohammad Nasir on the sidelines of his visit to the STP, Tuesday (03/24/2015) afternoon revealed a remarkable development in the STP.

Because, in addition to a workshop with various areas of expertise, the current STP also comes Solo Science Center (SSC). However, it remains hopeful of progress that is not monotonous. Rather, the emergence of new innovations that could be useful for the community.

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Ministry of Industry Establish Industrial Institute

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Kemenperin Dirikan Akademi Komunitas Industri TPTMinistry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) established the Community College of Textile and Clothing Industry (TPT). The implementation of education programs Diploma I and II are located in Solo Techno Park (STP), Central Java.

Establishment of a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Textile Industry Community College Mayor of Solo, Hadi Rudyatmo, the Minister of Industry, Saleh Husin, at STP, Friday (13/2).

Community Academy textile industry, said Saleh Husin, a competency-based vocational education industry. Thus, in the provision of education equipped with educational infrastructure in the form of laboratories, workshops and teaching factory. In addition, also equipped Professional Certification Institute and Competency Test.

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Solo Offer Potential To Germany

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Menteri Kerja Sama Ekonomi dan Pembangunan Jerman Dirk Niebel ke Solo, Jawa TengahSolo has the potential for cooperation in vocational education in Germany are considered to create job opportunities in the community.

Mayor of Solo FX Hadi Rudyatmo hope, the visit of Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Dirk Niebel Germany in Solo, Central Java, on Wednesday (9/1), ending with the cooperation. For example, Germany could invest or provide assistance in the field of waste management, management of animal parks, museums, or Solo Techno Park.

"We will offer the potential for Solo. Hopefully they are keen to work together," said Hadi Rudyatmo.

Niebel said, Germany is going to continue cooperation in the field of vocational education. The cooperation is expected to increase the chance of society in education access.

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Hundreds of Students Compete Water Rocket

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Lomba Roket Air STPA total of 178 junior and senior high school students took part in the Regional Water Rocket Competition complex Surakarta in Solo Techno Park, Saturday (08/09/2014). This activity was opened by the Mayor of Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo.

Competition in commemoration of National Technology Awakening Day (Hakteknas) 19th, said the Mayor, as well as an attempt to show the development of science and technology as a pillar of this nation.

With these activities, Rudy hopes the students who participated in Surakarta Regional Water Rocket Competition motivated to love science.

Chairman of the Regional Water Rocket Competition Committee Surakarta Darsono said the development of science and technology requires each country continues to develop science and technology through a variety of items or objects that can be used everyday.

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ESEMKA Should Not Be Spirit Broken

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Mobil Esemka dipamerkan di Solo TechnoparkTwilight greet shamelessly in the area Solo Techno Park (STP) Jl Ki Hajar Dewantara Jebres, Thursday (01/03/2012). That afternoon teaching factory part part STP had deserted from the lab activity vocational high school students (SMK). Only a few managers STP seen still survive in the learning space that Esemka car assembly.

Among those who remained in the STP Easy Sarwono, Director of Services and Development of STP. The look on his face that slightly crumpled hinted fatigue after standby all day at STP. But because they have to wait for the arrival of guests from Bank Indonesia (BI), men's glasses have a little patience to postpone his return.

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