Solo Offer Potential To Germany

Menteri Kerja Sama Ekonomi dan Pembangunan Jerman Dirk Niebel ke Solo, Jawa TengahSolo has the potential for cooperation in vocational education in Germany are considered to create job opportunities in the community.

Mayor of Solo FX Hadi Rudyatmo hope, the visit of Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development Dirk Niebel Germany in Solo, Central Java, on Wednesday (9/1), ending with the cooperation. For example, Germany could invest or provide assistance in the field of waste management, management of animal parks, museums, or Solo Techno Park.

"We will offer the potential for Solo. Hopefully they are keen to work together," said Hadi Rudyatmo.

Niebel said, Germany is going to continue cooperation in the field of vocational education. The cooperation is expected to increase the chance of society in education access.

Vocational education is also seen to increase the chances of creating employment opportunities in the community. Niebel also said that Germany would like to work together to develop renewable energy and forest management.

However, it has not determined in detail forms of cooperation to be woven. Germany will discuss this issue after a series of trips to Indonesia completed.

The German government will first discuss the opportunities this partnership with the Government of Indonesia. The cooperation between countries, and not between the Government of Germany with the region in Indonesia.

In Solo, Niebel and his entourage visited the ATMI Polytechnic and Vocational School (SMK) St. Michael, Solo Techno Park, and Museum Batik Danarhadi. They see the process students learn through practice in the workshop, including production units in ATMI Polytechnic.

One of them, the production of tools and spare parts in the plug automotive parts are exported to Germany. In Solo Techno Park, Niebel invited to watch the welding process bring water and a business incubator, such as waste processing business paper money.

VP of Marketing Polytechnic ATMI Y Revelation Nursanto beharap also no formal cooperation back in the form of an increase in human resources, technology transfer, and equipment. A similar cooperation exists in 2001-2009. When it ATMI together other educational institutions received help from Germany.

: National Geographic


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