ESEMKA Should Not Be Spirit Broken

Mobil Esemka dipamerkan di Solo TechnoparkTwilight greet shamelessly in the area Solo Techno Park (STP) Jl Ki Hajar Dewantara Jebres, Thursday (01/03/2012). That afternoon teaching factory part part STP had deserted from the lab activity vocational high school students (SMK). Only a few managers STP seen still survive in the learning space that Esemka car assembly.

Among those who remained in the STP Easy Sarwono, Director of Services and Development of STP. The look on his face that slightly crumpled hinted fatigue after standby all day at STP. But because they have to wait for the arrival of guests from Bank Indonesia (BI), men's glasses have a little patience to postpone his return.

When, slowly easy recounts his disappointment because Esemka work of vocational students in Solo otherwise not pass the emissions test. Hard work and spirit of children SMK have vanished after a month more pampered with a positive appreciation of the community towards their work. Nevertheless Easy does not want to give up. In harmony with the statement Vice Mayor of Solo, FX Hadi Rudyatmo, he promised Esemka ready to retest the near future emissions.

But of course, once made a number of improvements to the combustion of the fuel system. So he growled with Esemka failure, Easy plans to immediately collect the STP reliable technician to check the combustion system deficiencies Esemka. "Disappointed for sure. But do not be discouraged. In fact there is a problem in the burning fuel. Fuel is not burned exceed the limit. We immediately check, the target as soon as completed, "he said.

The expression of disappointment came from the Coordinating Team Teaching Factory STP, Sarmanto. He is worried that there is a political factor behind the interests of certain groups Esemka the emissions test failure. He was referring to the death of the national car project (Mobnas) previously as a reference. One of the most feared negative impact of not escape Esemka in the emissions testing collapse spirit and confidence of the students of SMK.

Responding to the possibility that he assured the students that the world of science and technology is not as fast as turning the hand. Legality and recognition of a product requires a long process, step by step. "In this process is very important to pass through a phase-by-phase well. We still have a long, should not be discouraged, "brief advice.

Source: Solopos


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