Solo City Govt Discuss Road Sweeper Machine

Pemkot Solo Gagas Mesin Penyapu JalanGovernment City (City) Solo will make garbage sweeper machine (Road Sweaper) independently. This was done because the municipal government Solo trouble finding workers who want to sweep the rubbish on the streets of the city of Solo.

Mayor of Solo FX Hadi Rudyatmo, believes, in coming years, the number of street sweepers is declining.

The condition is not proportional to the number of replacement workers who are ready to sweep garbage. So it needs a new breakthrough to overcome the problem.

The man who was familiarly called Rudy was explained, a breakthrough that will take it is creating its own garbage sweeper machine. By doing so, Solo City Government budget savings, when compared with buying so the machine from a third party, even from foreign countries.

Head of the Department of Hygiene and Solo, Hasta Gunawan, explaining the use of the machine is very helpful in cleaning up street trash.

"If the event is completed, the amount of waste very much," he said.

Caption next year it will work with the Solo Techno Park (STP) to make the tool itself.

Source: Sindonews


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