The minister to Fund Rp25 Billions for STP

Kementerian Riset dan TeknologiMinistry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Higher Education Research and Technology) will disburse 25 billion budget for development Solo Techno Park (STP). The budget plan is aimed at the construction of a new laboratory in the STP.

With the support of this government, the expected development of technology can also be targeted at food technology. The Minister Mohammad Nasir on the sidelines of his visit to the STP, Tuesday (03/24/2015) afternoon revealed a remarkable development in the STP.

Because, in addition to a workshop with various areas of expertise, the current STP also comes Solo Science Center (SSC). However, it remains hopeful of progress that is not monotonous. Rather, the emergence of new innovations that could be useful for the community.

"But there is a new innovation anymore, so the job is not just like any routine. But there is a new innovation, "he said.

M. Nasir confirmed when, where STP is not to create the new entrepreneurs, who will compete in the real working world. But M Nasir hope, developments in the STP forward also targeting the food technology. So, what is generated from this STP can also be enjoyed and used by the community.

Meanwhile, Surakarta Mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo who accompanied M. Nasir welcomed the assistance of the central government's. Rudy said, Solo City Government continues its efforts to obtain assistance from the central government.


Source: SoloBlitz


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