What is Video Editing?

Video EditingVideo editing is an audit process of the video clips resulted from the shooting, where the process is an editor choose or edit the image in video form by cutting the video clips (cut to cut) and then combine the pieces of the video, be a whole video to later become a good video to watch.

In the editing process itself an auditor will add a variety of effects and insert transitions, so the video will look attractive when viewed. Therefore, the editing process became one of the important elements in the cinematography and can not be separated from the world of broadcasting.

In the editing process, it is not enough just to combine images for granted, but a lot of variables that must be known in the editing process, for example: an editor should also be able to give a touch of sense in view of a good camera angle, so that could be a touch of interesting editing.


Terminology In Video Editing

There are several terms in video editing, such as camera angle, camera works, the type of shoot, motivation, information, compositions, sound, and continuity. All these terms are "Grammar of the Edit" to be held and acknowledged by an editor.

Video Editing Software Sample


  • Motivation

    Usually in a movie, there are images such as city streets, mountains, sea, clouds, and so often the image of introduction before the main image is displayed. Purpose raised these pictures as penggiring to explain or give an explanation of the next picture. In addition to the image, motivation can also be raised in the form of audio, for example: voice telephone, water, knock on the door, footsteps, and so on. So the motivation could also consist of a combination of image and audio.

  • Information

    Information has become an important part in video editing, it means here an editor in the editing process to be able to assemble the video images into an information that will be understood by anyone who watched the video. Thus the purpose of that information can be achieved.

  • Composition

    A video editor should also understand the true one important aspect is the understanding of the composition of a good picture or good. Certainly good here means a standard that has been agreed upon or in accordance with Cameraworks.

  • Continuity

    Is shooting a scene that is continuous between the image of the previous image, as well as various supporting elements such as costumes, the situation, the expression with the aim to avoid jumping on the scene where there is a difference, be it in the picture or audio.

  • Tittling

    All letters are required to add the image information. For example: the main title, the name of the cast, and the creative team.

  • Sound

    Sound editing and divided by function, as follows:

    1. Original Sound
    All audios in the form of the original sound of the subject or the object taken together during the shooting took place, or at the time of shooting.

    2. Sound Effect
    Are certain sounds that are made to be added during the editing process, can be of original sound and atmosphere, to support a scene so that it can provide or deliver a certain atmosphere.

  • Atmospheric

    All background noise or background noise that exists around the subject or object.

  • Music Illustration

    All kinds of sounds either in the form of tones, acoustic and electric generated to provide illustrations and impression to evoke emotions or mood of the audience as if to participate are involved in it.



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