Digital Cameras Types

Jenis Kamera DigitalIt's good as a starter photographer to know the products you want to have a camera that is included in the group of pocket cameras, camera prosummer / ultra zoom, or a DSLR camera, so do not be regret for us because it has the wrong type of camera that we want or we need.

Pocket Camera

This type of camera is a practical camera with a small size can be easily taken anywhere as it can go into the pocket. Pocket camera is also known very practical use because all of its own automatic and does not need a lot of settings when you want to target an object. In general, this camera is easy to use by anyone, even small children can use this type of camera.

 Pocket Camera - Kamera Saku


Prosumer Camera / Ultra Zoom camera

This camera glance looks like a DSLR camera, not a few who thought that this type of cameras including digital SLR cameras. Precisely this camera as a bridge between a pocket camera with a DSLR camera. From the shape is similar to a DSLR camera with a smaller size because usually have more than 10x optical zoom and most cameras have a setting prosummer (P, S, A, M) which are usually embedded in a DSLR camera body. One important distinction between prosummer with DSLR camera is a camera lens prosummer can not be replaced.

Kamera Prosummer Ultrazoom


DSLR Camera

Digital Cameras Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) cameras are becoming the weapon of the photographer. The camera has the ability to produce images with high quality due to the large sensor is the one that distinguishes DSLR camera with the other camera types that we mentioned above. Another advantage of digital SLR cameras is the camera lighting that can be regulated as set shutter speed, aperture and iso. One more advantage DSLR camera is the lens that can change, change the lens in accordance with the needs and desires.

Kamera DSLR


Of the three types of digital cameras which you already have or you wish, if your purpose just to capture the moment by considering an economical price, the choice is a pocket camera or prosummer seemed appropriate for you, but if you want to seriously explore then choose Photography DSLR camera because it was because of the DSLR photographer tools.


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