Definition of Photography

Peralatan FotografiUnderstanding Photography is an art or process of drawing income and light on the film. It is true, mostly if you are looking for a sense of photography is almost the same answer all that painting process using the medium of light.

But the main thing is how to explore the art of photography. After knowing the understanding of photography in general, and what is on your mind about photography?

Photography is an activity or process of producing an art image / photo media light with an instrument called a camera with a specific purpose. (wikipedia)


Photography is Art

If photography is the process of understanding the art of painting with light media, then anyone can make a photographic activity if you have a camera, but if everyone is able to produce an art?

Art is something that humans were created containing the element of beauty or essence of creativity.

The most important in the art of photography is composition, the composition is good then the resulting image will have a meaning and a story that could be delivered.

Studio Fotografi Profesional

Produce a Good Photos in Photography

To produce a good work or interesting there are several factors, the most important factor is the illumination factor, without light or good lighting would be too difficult to produce good work, for it takes a second factor.

The second factor is the photographer, makes no is also important, because without the photographer photographic process will not occur. Here the photographer will be prosecuted and tested his art or creativity to produce a good or interesting photographs.

"The photographer is a profession, a photographer living with photography."

The third factor is the camera, without camera photographic process did not occur. The camera is a basic tool in photography activities. Latter factor is a factor pendukungm as backup lenses, tools of light (flash light cameras), reflectors, tripods, and others.

"No need to use an expensive camera to create a work of art photography."

After the above factors into one, it's the photographer who later became a major factor in creating a good photo art and interesting.

"A good photograph is relative, and the ugly picture is absolute."


Photography is an art is activity, and the type of photography is diverse. That requires a photographer who really understands the art and type of photography that is in him. Keep the spirit of learning photography and improve the quality of photography Indonesia.


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