Welding Safety

Alat Keselamatan Kerja PengelasanMetal discovery was first perceived as a technological advancement that was incredible but on the other hand this new development will lead to a new problem, namely how the process of switching from these metals.

Metal splicing process consists of a connection bolt, rivet connection, the connection folding, forging connections, solder, solder and weld joints (welding). In fabrication, construction and industrial process welded joints is one of the most dominant way / well when compared to other ways of machining work because the process is very practical, cheap and fast.

The use of welding in the construction of increasingly broad that accidents caused by the construction process is also often a lot going on.

Welding work is one of the machining process risky since it is always associated with fire and materials are flammable and explosive, especially once the gas is oxygen gas welding and Oxyacetylene. Accidents that occur can actually be reduced or avoided if we as operators in operate tool welding and safety equipment is used properly, has mastery ways of preventing danger due to welding process.


According to (Harsono, 1996) during the welding process takes place are harmful gases that need to be addressed:

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
    This gas has a high affinity for hemoglobin (Hb), which will decrease the absorption of the oxygen.

  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
    The gas itself is not harmful to the body, but when the CO2 concentration is too high can harm the operator, especially when welding a closed room as in the laboratory.

  • Nitrogen monoxide (NO)
    NO gas into the breathing is not aroused, but will react with hemoglobin (Hb) as well as CO gas. But the bond between NO and Hb is much more powerful than CO and hemoglobin, the NO gas is not easily separated from hemoglobin, even binding of oxygen carried by hemoglobin. This causes a lack of oxygen which can harm the nervous system.

  • Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
    This gas will provide a powerful stimulus to the eyes and respiratory lining, reacts with haemoglobine (Hb) which can cause eye pain and coughing on the operator. This gas poisoning if used for long periods of time will result in operators suffering from tuberculosis or lung.

  • Toxic gases formed by decomposition of cleaning materials and protective against rust.


In the process of welding operators must truly know and understand the dangers that arise during the welding process is underway. According Harsono, 1996, several kinds of welding hazards that may arise during the process, include:

Explosion Hazard
Danger of explosion that often occur in the process of welding products in the form of a tank or vessel former storage materials combustible or flammable. In the process of welding / cutting is needed a few things preliminary preparation to avoid the danger of explosion, such as:

  • Cleaning vessel or tank
    Before the welding process takes place, the vessel or tank needs to be cleaned with:
    • Water-soluble material
    • Steam for materials, volatile
    • Caustic soda to clean up oil, grease or lubricants
  • Filling the vessel or tank
    After the cleaning process is completed fill the tank or vessel with a little water in the bottom part to be welded / cut.

  • Tank conditions during the welding process
    During the welding process takes place the tank or vessel conditions must be in an open state so that the gas that evaporates due to the heating process gas can come out.

  • The use of other gases
    If in the process of filling the tank or vessel with water having trouble then it can be used instead of CO2 or N2 gas with a minimum concentration of 50% in the air.

Falling Hazard

For the construction of vessels, tanks Pertamina or other building construction that requires a high place, the danger that may occur is a danger of falling or fatal collapse. Several steps need to be taken by the operator to avoid this danger:

  • Using a safety rope
  • Using a safety cap to prevent falling objects - objects or sunshine

Fire Hazard

Welding process is always associated with fire so that fire danger is very possible considering this process is closely related to fire and flammable gases, to the operators need to completely take safety measures such as:

  • The room or welding area should be free of cloth, paper, wood, gasoline, diesel fuel, oil or other materials flammable or meledakharus placed in a khusu that will not splash welding
  • Keep tubes and generators from welding sparks, flames or hot grinding sun
  • Improvements to the pipe connections or hoses especially Acetylene channel
  • Provision of fire extinguishers in handy such as tubs, sand, hidrant
  • Cables that are near where welding was isolated from rubber tires

Danger of Sparks Fire / Heat

Danger of sparks or heat will result in a fire hazard as described above, but other dangers are on their own welding operators affected by burns or eye pain. For the operator is always advisable to use protective equipment such as:

  • gloves
  • apron
  • fireproof shoes
  • welding glasses
  • welding mask

Smoke Gas Hazards in Welding

Prevention or actions to be taken by the operator to avoid the danger of gas in welding fumes is:

  • Welding job should be done in an open space or space-ventilated so that the gas and dust that formed soon wasted
  • If ventilation is not adequate then you should wear a face mask
  • For welding work in the tank needs to be action below:
  1. Using the vacuum gas / dust
  2. It takes a co-operator outside the tank or vessel which is always on standby in case of danger
  3. The maximum voltage of 12 volt lighting


Safety tools when using electric welding, among others:

Welding Mask

Helmet / mask to protect the eyes from the beam welding arc in the form of ultraviolet light and infrared light up bright and strong. Beam welding should not be seen directly with the naked eye to a distance of 15 meters. In addition, the shape helmet / welding mask that covers the face is useful to protect the skin surface of an electric arc spray with fire and smoke gas from the melting process in electric welding electrodes.

Safety equipment has 3 layers of glass, which consists of a special welding glass flanked by 2 clear glass. clear glass serves to protect the special glass that are not easily damaged and broken.

Welding glass has a different classification based on the large electric current that can be set on the machine lasnya, as follows:

  • Number 6 welding glass used for spot welding (tack weld)
  • Welding glass number 6 and number 7 is used for welding with a current of 30 amperes
  • Number 8 welding glass is used for welding with a current of 30 amperes - 75 Ampere
  • Number 10 welding glass is used for welding with a current of 75 amperes - 200 Ampere
  • Number 12 welding glass is used for welding with a current of 200 amperes - 400 Ampere
  • Number 14 welding glass is used for welding using a current of over 400 Amperes.

Helm Topeng Las Welding

Work clothing (aprons)

Useful work clothes to protect the body from sparks. Apron is made of non-combustible material. Consists of an apron apron apron arms and chest.

pakaian las Apron


Welding Gloves

Gloves made of leather or asbestos soft so it does not obstruct the movement of the fingers while holding the clamp electrodes or other equipment. A pair of gloves should always be worn so that the hands are not not exposed to splash sparks or hot objects are welded.

sarung tangan las welding


Welding Fireproof Shoes

Characteristics of welding shoe is very different from an ordinary shoe. Good welding shoe is made of leather and iron at one end there is a protective plate. It is useful to protect the foot from falling objects usually iron work hard, heavy, and may be sharp.

sepatu pelindung las welding


Welding Gas Mask

Useful to cover the mouth and nose of smoke produced by the melting of the flux at the electrode.

 Masker Respiratory Las Welding


Electric welding safety equipment is just one part of the security and safety systems. Understanding of the risk of electric welding work and awareness to comply with its procedures will greatly assist the smooth running and success of the work.


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