Welding Technique Definition

Pengelasan Bahan ArgonUnderstanding Welding according to DIN (Deutch Industrie Normen), welding is a metallurgical bond in connection alloy implemented in molten or liquid state. From these definitions can be further elaborated that welding is a local connection of several metal rods by using heat energy.

At this time has been used for more than 40 types of welding including welding performed by pressing the two metals to be joined, causing the bonds between the atoms of the metal molecules are connected.

The scope of the use of welding techniques in construction is very broad, covering shipping, bridges, steel frames, pressure vessels, piping rapidly, pipelines, boilers, pressure vessels, rails, and so on.

In addition to the manufacture, welding process can also be used for reparations for example to fill the holes in castings. Making the weld seam on the tooling thicken the parts that are worn, and various other repairs.

Based on this classification welding can be divided into three main classes: liquid welding, press welding and soldering.

  • Liquid Welding way in which liquid is heated to melt connection with the heat source of the electric arc or gas flame burning sources.

    Examples of applications Liquid Welding:
    • Busur welding
    • Gas welding
    • Electric Slag welding
    • Electricity Gas welding
    • Termit Welding
  • Press welding is the way in which the connection is heated and then pressed up into one.

    Examples applications of Power Resistance Welding:
    • Pumped Gas welding
    • Tempa welding
    • Friction welding
    • Explosion welding
  • Soldering is the way in which the welding connection tied and put together using a metal alloy that has a low melting point. In this case also the parent metal is not melted.

    Examples of soldering applications:
    • Brazing
    • Soldering


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