PT GMF Aero Asia

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PT GMF Aero AsiaPT. Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) AeroAsia is a subsidiary of PT Garuda Indonesia, one of the government-owned airline of the Republic of Indonesia. GMF Aero Asia was set to be one of the best providers of aircraft maintenance solutions in the world, which has a reputation for quality, reliability, on-time delivery and affordability.

GMF has served PT Garuda Indonesia and other aviation company for 50 years. The company also developed the ability, experience and is well known to have a track-record of good reliability. GMF also always restructured to make it more efficient in improving service to customers.

Headquarters location is at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, GMF Aero Asia operates in an area of 115 hectares, making known to be one of the company that runs the service maintenance facilities in Asia.

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Welding Workshop Business Prospect

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Bengkel LasDo you know what prospects of the welding equipment repair business? Before discussing about the welding business, we will discuss a little about the objects made of metal. If you look at how much stuff around us are made of metal, either wholly or partially of metal. Examples are clothesline iron, pot made of stainless steels, and many others.

Increasingly, more and more types of goods that are made of metal. It was not surprising because the metal has several advantages. Malleable metal suit our purposes. Another advantage lies in its strong and hard. Metals also can conduct heat and electricity. The properties that are made of metal as a material most widely used, both in scope as simple as household appliances as well as for large-scale industry.

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Competency Standardization

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Standarisasi KompetensiCompetence is the ability to perform activities in accordance with a standard and with good results, which are repeated in a period and a different situation. (ILO, July 2004). The essence of competence in the context of training and development as follows: A cluster of related knowledge, skills, and attitudes that Affects a major part of ones job, role or responsibility, that correlates with performance on the job, that can be measured against well-accepted standards , and that can be improved via training and development (,htm).

A competence standard or benchmark measure of knowledge, skills, and work ethic to possess someone to do a job or task in accordance with the performance of the dipersyarakatkan. Standards of competence does not mean only the ability to complete a task, but also based on how and why the task was done.

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