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PT GMF Aero AsiaPT. Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) AeroAsia is a subsidiary of PT Garuda Indonesia, one of the government-owned airline of the Republic of Indonesia. GMF Aero Asia was set to be one of the best providers of aircraft maintenance solutions in the world, which has a reputation for quality, reliability, on-time delivery and affordability.

GMF has served PT Garuda Indonesia and other aviation company for 50 years. The company also developed the ability, experience and is well known to have a track-record of good reliability. GMF also always restructured to make it more efficient in improving service to customers.

Headquarters location is at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, GMF Aero Asia operates in an area of 115 hectares, making known to be one of the company that runs the service maintenance facilities in Asia.

With the support of more than 2500 technicians qualified and experienced professionals equipped with sophisticated equipment, GMF Aero Asia is able to accommodate the needs of various types of aircraft used in the aerospace industry.

A Brief History

Hangar Depan PT GMF Aero AsiaIn 1949, the Indonesian government established a Garuda Indonesia, an air transport services company intended as a means to promote national tourism. During its development, Garuda Indonesia understand that punctuality, reliability and comfort are the key to success for optimizing the role and contribution.

For this reason, Garuda Maintenance Facilities Support Center was established in 1984. The development of this treatment facility is funded entirely by the Indonesian government. The amount of the investments made in the first 7 years to reach 200 million dollars and 63% is issued for import of machinery and high-tech equipment.

In an effort to boost its capabilities, Garuda Maintenance Facilities Support Center transformed into a Strategic Business Unit with the name GMF, Garuda Maintenance Facilities, in 1996 to begin serving the three operators of air transportation. With this new status GMF has its own management, but remained below the line of accountability PT Garuda Indonesia.

Regardless of PT Garuda Indonesia in August 2002 provides more flexibility for GMF. With a new identity, GMF Aero Asia developed into one of the facilities maintenance, repair and overhaul of the best and biggest in the world.


Create treatments that include repair and overhaul competitive in terms of quality, cost, delivery and service.


  1. Product (Business Results)
    Keeping aircraft maintenance capabilities, aircraft engines and components in order to remain competitive in terms of quality, cost, delivery and service as well as calibrating an aircraft component.
  2. Business
    Increase revenue and profits.
  3. Human resources
    Making human resources professionals in the aviation industry.

To recognize the scope of work of PT. GMF can be described as follows:


Hangar is a space that is intended as a storage area that is not exposed to air of extreme weather that could damage the plane. In the region there are three hangars GMF namely:

  • Hangar 1
    Hangar was completed in 1991 and used for heavy aircraft maintenance BOEING BOEING 747-200 and 747-400. The hangar has an area 21540 m2. Equipment-equipment includes a purpose-built scaffol.

  • Hangar 2
    This hangar is used for the treatment of mild all types of aircraft, hangars has a spacious 22,500 m2.

  • Hangar 3
    This hangar is used for heavy maintenance of the Boeing 737-200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800NG, 900ER Airbus 320-200, Mcdonald Douglas Hangar 80. This has an area of 22,500 m2.

    All hangars equipped with:
    - Alarm systems and fire extinguishers.
    - Electricity supply 400 Hz.
    - Lighting hangar.
    - Overhead cranes (only in the hangar 3).
    - Aircraft docking.
    - Regulated air pressure.
    - Aircraft tools and equipment.
    - Stock rendition office areas.

Hanggar PT GMF Aero Asia

Engine Shop

Operation is the first time in 1994, destined for engine overhaul Spey, JT8D, JT9D-7Q, CF680C2, APU and CFM 56-3B1.

Engine Test Cell

The building is used for testing aircraft engines throughout including APU up to 450 KN (100,000 lb) of trust, which was completed in 1989. The equipment includes control systems for all types of engine and APU. Search-engine that has been tested on the engine test cell, among others Spey MK555-15H, CF6-80C2, CMF56-3B1, JT8D-9D, JT9D-59 / 7Q, GTCP36-4A, GTC85-98D and GTCP-700.

Spesial Store

This building has an area of 2,268 m2.

Work Shop Building

  1. Work Shop 1

    Bangunan ini mempunyai luas 10.785 m2 dan digunakan untuk reparasi dan overhaul dari berbagai macam komponen besar, terdapat juga sheet-metal work shop yang mempunyai kemampuan untuk memperbaiki dan melakukan overhaul untuk komponen boeing 747, DC-10, A-300,DC-9, F-28, Boeing 737 dan juga control penerbangan, radar domesgalleys, engine pylons, cowling dan trust reverse doors dan balancing flight surface. Pada workshop ini terdapat pula areal untuk service dan overhaul brakes, tires, undercarriage, upholstery, sheet, carpet cutting dan panel seperti terdapat pada paint shop, bagian pusat perbaikan dan cleaning area. Selain itu juga mampu membuat Flight Control Cable dan Aircraft Tubing yang membantu menahan panas pada aircraft skin dan composite bounding. Machine Shop pada Work Shop ini memiliki peralatan komputer yang dioperasikan secara horizontal, milling turn table, dua buah horizontal turning latches, grinding for rotary surface, tool and cutter universal & internalgriding, radial, coulomb and bench drilling machine, machine for universal milling, sharping hydraulic pressing, production cut off, metal cutting band sawing, hack sewing, engrawing and pantograph, surface plate and stand, pedestal grinder and vices.

  2. Work Shop 2

    This building has an area of ??10 785 m2 and is used for the repair and overhaul of various major components, there is also a sheet-metal work shop that has the ability to repair and overhaul of components Boeing 747, DC-10, A-300, DC-9, F-28, Boeing 737 and flight control, radar domesgalleys, engine pylons, and trusts reverse cowling doors and flight balancing surface. In this workshop there are also areas for service and overhaul brakes, tires, undercarriage, upholstery, sheet, carpet cutting and panels as contained in the paint shop, parts repair center and dry area. It is also able to make the Aircraft Flight Control Cable and Tubing which helps retain heat in the aircraft skin and composite bounding. Machine Shop at Work Shops carry computer equipment operated horizontally, milling turntable, two horizontal turning latches, for rotary surface grinding, tool and cutter universal & internalgriding, radial, coulomb and bench drilling machine, universal milling machine for, sharping hydraulic pressing, production cut-off, metal cutting band sawing, hack sewing, engrawing and pantograph, surface plate and stand, pedestal grinder and vices.

    This workshop is also equipped with automatic test equipment called ATEC 5000 and IRIS 2000 is a unit of computer testing. Work Shop also has the Electrical Mechanical and Oxygen (ELMO) Shop for pneumatic and hydraulic testing, Fuel Flow, fuel pump and oil pressure. Testing equipment includes a CDS test stand, Engine Fuel Component, hydraulic testing machine, Overhoul Electrical Components, Oxygen Equipment, Life rats and emergency slides and rats.

    The entire workshop is equipped with:
    - Electricity supply 400 HZ and 50 HZ
    - Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems for Computers and highly sensitive Equipment
    - Crane / Hoist system (only in engine Shop)
    - Regulation air pressure
    - Air Conditioning
    - Stock Rooms Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Centre

GSE building is located adjacent to the engine shop that serves to prepare Ground Equipment in a state ready to support the smooth operation of aircraft while on the ground. Its activities include inspection and replacement parts are damaged, repair equipment and engine overhaul. This building has an area of 5,832 m2.

Maintenance Facility PT GMF Aero Asia

Apron Area

This building has an area of 318,000 m2 and can accommodate approximately 50 aircraft of all types.

Utility Building

This facility is the center of the main electrical load required equipment as electric power source such as generators and transformers. This building has an area of 1,215 m2.

Material Department

This building has an area of 972 m2.

Surrounding Property

Surrounding this property has an area of 140,000 m2.

General Storage

A spare parts storage.

Cover Storage

A parking lot GSE vehicles.

Industrial Waste Treatment

Is a special building that used to accommodate waste from the entire facility.


Is the administrative center of PT. GMF.


A supporting land for buildings and other facilities located in the PT. GMF Aero Asia.


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