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Understanding Science Center

Solo Science CenterSolo Techno Park Science Center is a place that became a tourist destination in the area Solo Technopark dedicated to increasing knowledge about science all visitors of all ages, along with the development and the increasing age of science and technology (science and technology).

Solo Science Center is also a mean for building a culture of science and society through science and technology props displayed, so that every visitor can feel easy it is to learn to understand the concepts and principles of science and technology.

In the Science Center, there are various illustrations and facilities which are very diverse from various fields of science-based learning tools, including Galileo Galilei, the formula Physics, climate change, the game earphones, kinetic garden, garden space, the virus lives, and governance solar. This place can also be used as a learning project for students, college students, and scientists.

In a sense, science center-based education by using props, can be described as follows:

  1. Science
    science artScience, comes from the Latin, meaning "knowledge", is a systematic effort commenced to build and organize knowledge in the form of explanations and predictions that exist in the universe. In modern usage, "Science" more often refers to a way to pursue not only the knowledge but knowledge itself. It is often treated as synonymous with natural and physical sciences, thus the branches of study related to the phenomena of the universe, material and law with the exception of pure mathematics are included.

    Science in the broad sense there before the modern era, and in the historic civilization, but modern science is very different and successful in its results are now defined.

    A scientific method seeks to explain natural events reproducible manner by a thought experiment and explanation or hypothesis, as an explanation, from which is derived the prediction. Predictions must be posted prior to the experiment or observation sought confirmation, as proof that there is no disturbance. Exceptionable prediction is a proof of progress. This is done through observations of natural phenomena in part, but there are also through experiments, which tries to simulate natural events under controlled conditions, in accordance with the discipline (in the observational sciences, such as astronomy or geology, predicted observation may take the place of a controlled experiment) . Taken as a whole, the scientific method allows for highly creative problem solving and minimizing the effects of subjective bias on the part of users (ie confirmation bias).

    In the nineteenth century, the earth's gravity measurements depends mainly on the pendulum for gravimetric survey. A pendulum improved, designed by Friedrich Bessel, produced by Repsold and Sons, Hamburg, Germany. American CS Peirce gravimetric study commissioned by the US Coast and Geodetic Survey. Peirce developed the theory of systematic errors in the mountain Repsold pendulum. He was asked to present his theory to improve the pendulum to the Special Committee of the International Association of Geodesy. While made for a conference of the IGA in Europe, September 1877, Peirce wrote an essay in French on the scientific method, "How to Make Our Ideas Clear" and translated "The Fixation of Belief" into French. In the essay, he noted that our beliefs collide with real life, cause what Peirce shows as "irritation of doubt", in which he then lists several methods to overcome them, one of them is, the scientific method.

  2. Demo Props
    Demo Props are tools that can be seen and heard to make way communication to be effective, so as to encourage the learning process in a person.

    Objectives and Benefits Education Prop Tool
    Here are some of the goals and benefits of props mentioned as follows:
    • Educational products intended for the educational process more effective by increasing enthusiasm for learning participants,
    • Demonstration equipment allows better suit the individual, where participants learn the many possibilities that learning takes place very enjoyable for each individual,
    • Educational products have benefits in order to learn more quickly soon corresponds between classes and outside the classroom,
    • Props allowed to teach in a more systematic and orderly.

    Alat peraga iptekIn summary, the learning process requires the use of media integrated with the purpose and content or subject matter that is intended to optimize the achievement of a goal of teaching that has been set. The function of educational media or educational products intended for communication between the guides and participants / visitors in terms of delivering the message, visitors better understand and understand abstract mathematical concepts that informed him.

Clearly and in detail, the following is avail-profit or benefit from the use of tools / visual science center, which are as follows:

  • Raises interest in learning objectives
  • Achieving more targets
  • Help in overcoming various obstacles in the process of providing information
  • Stimulate community or educational objectives to implement or carry out health messages or information messages are delivered
  • Help participants / visitors to learn quickly and learn more material / material submitted
  • Stimulate participants / visitors to be able to forward messages delivered presenters to others
  • Facilitate the delivery of materials / educational materials / information by the guides or educational actors
  • Facilitate the receipt of information by participants / visitors. As described above, that the existing knowledge on someone received through the senses. Based on the research of experts, that senses the most widely distribute knowledge into the brain is the eye. Approximately 75% to 87% of human knowledge acquired / channeled through the eyes. While 13% to 25% are obtained or channeled through other senses. From this it can be concluded that the props / media / visual aids will further simplify the delivery and receipt of information or materials or educational materials
  • Can encourage people desire to know, then go deeper, and ultimately get a better understanding. People who see something that is needed will certainly attract attention. And what is seen with interest will provide a new understanding of him, which is a driving force to do or wear something new
  • Help enforce the understanding / information obtained. Participants / visitors in obtaining or receiving something new, people have a tendency to forget or forget. Therefore, to overcome this, AVA (Audio Visual Aid - tools / audio-visual aids) will help establish knowledge-knowledge that has been accepted by the participants / visitors so that what is received is longer stored in the memory

According to the philosopher Auguste Comte, science classified as follows:

  • Science (mathematics)
  • Natural sciences (physics)
  • Astrology (astronomy)
  • Chemistry
  • Life sciences (physiology and biology)
  • Social physics (sociology)

At the Science Center building in Technopark Solo is no typology devoted but in various literature sources (Time Saver, Metric Handbok Design and Planing Data) is often mentioned typology "Science Museum".

So, the science center is an important container in learning one's role in the growth and development of science and technology. This facility is needed for education learning with props. Central teaching in science is judged to be an effective facility and can be used by all walks of life.

Sscience and technology prop types displayed, as follows:

  • Mechanical prop
  • Mathematic prop
  • Electrical prop
  • Fluid prop
  • Optical and Light prop
  • Electrical Magnetic prop
  • Magnetic prop

Target Users

The target users of the development of this science center is:

  • Kindergartens student child aged 5-6 years
  • Primary school students aged 6-12 years
  • Junior high school students 12-14 years
  • High school students 14-17 years
  • The family consists of parents and children
  • General Group

Activity Program

In the program of activities at the Science Center Solo Technopark are as follows:

  • Education Based on Viewer Tool
    In general, science can be studied with an interactive way that can be touched.
  • Education Based on Training
    In particular visit, usually the group of students or teachers have special activities that need to be accompanied by a guide, this activity can use a special room so as not to interfere with regular visits.
  • Education Based on Lecture
    Or can be called a formal presentation of Sciences that can be used by scientific institutions to share knowledge to the general public, also used the seponsor for presentation.
  • Special Event
    An event with a specific theme, in particular events can be held a series of events. Such as in the event of a natural phenomenon can be used as a presentation on the matter concerned. Here are examples of activities or special events held in Solo Technopark:
    • Science Show Spectacular
      (Dragon Fire, Liquid Layer, Burning Hand, Guess Heart)
    • Science Cinema
    • Science Creative
    • Science Interactive
    • Water Rocket Demo
    • Water Rocket Competition
    • Science Camp
    • Science Poster Contest
    • Space Kids
    • Science Week
    • Creative Exhibition Design
    • Creative Science for Children

The activities that are supporting them:

  • Administration and Management Activities Building
    Care of the reception of visitors, care financing tools, building, employees, and maintenance of cooperation with the sponsor.
  • Event management
    Take care of their research activity analysis, planning promotional activities.
  • Production and Repair Management Viewer Tool
    Maintain and repair props.


Types of major public function space that can accommodate Science center, among others:

  • Receiver function
    An open-plan space that welcomes such as lobbies, waiting rooms, atrium, open plaza.
  • Prop function
    Functions that can show visitors interact try, see, hear, feel, consisting of a large room partitioned according to the subject of science.
  • Museum function
    As a place to show off tools or goods, but should not be touched.
  • Recreational function
    As a public space of interaction with the open space in order to discuss. Space is formed as an open space.
  • Supporting function
    Consists of several public facilities needed such facilities such as cafes, souvenir shops, a library.

Schedule of School Visits

Monday - Friday Morning 09.00 AM - 12.00 AM
  Afternoon 13.00 PM - 15.00 PM
Saturday Morning 09.00 AM - 12.00 AM
Sunday (DAY OFF) (DAY OFF)

For more information about the schedule of visits in the Science Center Solo Technopark or other info, please contact us.


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